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Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 18:42:43 EDT

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    Looks like it is not the appropriate list to discuss about Java
    for multi-languages applications.

    It's true that the default installation of Java provides a set of
    "" files which are customized and chosen at run-time
    trying to match only the current user locale, and not other locales.

    It is however possible to recombine all these files into
    a single one containing all the required fonts to support more languages
    than the current family of languages for which a default set of fonts is

    I did it myself, but this is done manually: there's no API in Java to
    customize the set of fonts to use in a Java application: either you
    use the Java "logical" fonts, which are bound by default to a system-
    and locale-dependant set of fonts working for a subset of Unicode, or
    your Java application can specify the real font names to use to
    display something. Shamely, there's currently no API in Java (Java2D?
    AWT?) to build a logical font from a set of fonts.

    I know that Sun is working on a new API that will deprecate the
    use of "" files. It is expected that the first version
    of Java to implement this API will also be provided with a new
    resource format used instead of the badly documented (and officially
    not supported!) format, and will be accessible from
    applications or within a standard Java control panel to add new
    font mappings to logical fonts (like "Dialog"), and choose the prefered
    fonts to look for for some scripts (or Unicode ranges).

    For now the "" files are specific for each hosting
    platform onto which Java was ported. That's the most probable
    reason why it is so badly documented (because it is not officially
    part of the Java2 API, allowing other Java vendors to implement
    other solutions to map system fonts to usable Java fonts).

    I can't remember the URL where Sun discussed this with the Java
    community, but I'm sure you'll find this discussion within the Java
    Developers Forums and in the JCP, where several proposals to enhance
    Java2D, AWT, Swing and java.text for easier interoperability.


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    > > Dear Unicode-Team,
    > >
    > > my name is Anne Gleitsmann. My task is to implement a tool in
    > > java that administers different Ressource-Bundles. In my tool
    > > you can choose a master-document and one or more
    > > slave-documents, then follows the data-comparision. The
    > > document is being displayed in JTables.
    > > Now the language-variety has been expanded to include
    > > Japanese and Korean - and that is where my problem is: the
    > > font of these languages is shown as little squares.
    > >
    > > I found the information in the internet that I need to add
    > > the range of those characters to the file -
    > > but how do I do this? Could you help me or give me advise as
    > > to how to do this?
    > >
    > > Thank you!
    > >
    > > Greetings from Germany!
    > >
    > > Sincerely
    > > Anne Gleitsmann
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