Announcement re NSAI/ISO/TC 46 IG

From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 11:50:15 EDT

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    Please circulate this notice.

    Announcing the establishment of NSAI/ISO/TC 46/IG (the National
    Standards Authority of Ireland's ISO/TC 46 Interest Group).

    NSAI/ISO/TC 46/IG is now up and running as Ireland's National Forum on
    matters within the scope of ISO/TC 46 'Information and documentation'.***(URL)

    If you are interested in ISO/TC 46 issues, it would be appreciated if
    you would bring them to the notice of NSAI/ISO/TC 46/IG.

    New members welcome. Fáilte ar leith roimh chomhfhreagras as Gaeilge.

    Marion Gunn, Convener, NSAI/ISO/TC 46/IG

    Marion Gunn * EGT (Estab.1991) * *
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