Re: Mojibake on my Web pages

From: Stefan Persson (
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 08:21:13 EDT

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    > Doug Ewell wrote,
    > > ... I'm considering putting a disclaimer at the top of my pages,
    > > but I'm waiting to see how quickly they solve the problem.
    >More than twenty-four hours, apparently.
    >You might try either changing the pages to NCRs or, uh, changing

    Is there no way to force the browsers to use the encoding as specified
    in the documents instead of that specified by the server? I'm having
    this problem myself with a different server, and would like to find a
    solution to it. It is very irritating that the HTTP header overrules
    the <meta> tag, since it seems that the error is more often in the HTTP
    header than in the <meta> tag.


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