Re: font creation software for Unicode Hebrew proposal ?

From: Elaine Keown (
Date: Wed Oct 01 2003 - 06:46:35 CST

        Elaine Keown
        central Texas

Hello again,

Please reply off-list--I'm mostly trying
to become a 3-day weekend Fri-Sun Unicoder.

For the Hebrew proposal, I'm mostly doing new
vowels/diacritics since my beloved ligatures
were outlawed.

Is there somewhere a freely available glyph
that has that little dotted circle used
to display diacritics in Unicode documentation?

Is that part of the requirements, that I can
position the vowel or diacritic glyph near
the little dotted circle?

And what does one call that in the design
process, the ability to position the glyph

Also, last time I made little squares in a
graphics program to hold my scanned,
calligraphed ligatures etc. Are the little
squares required also? Last time everything
just went in the graphics program, which was
time-consuming but not too difficult....

Thanks, Elaine

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