RE: Unicode Hebrew proposal: nomenclature..

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Fri Oct 03 2003 - 17:24:32 CST


> 1) BLOCK NAME: does the Hebrew block need to permanently be
> called Hebrew? If a better name would be HEBREW-ARAMAIC
> SQUARE SCRIPT, should that be added as a note?
> 2) SUB-BLOCK: can the sub-blocks have a different headers,
> so they can be called "Tiberian cantillation marks" or
> "Tiberian vowels" ??

Changing the block name would be a problem as there will be existing
systems that assume that name. The sub-block names are simply
informative text in the names list file, though. I would think those
could be changed without creating problems.

> Babylonian accents, vowels, punctuation
> has ~2 systems with some overlap
> may need "The Mongolian Option"

By "The Mongolian Option", do you mean the use of variation selectors?

> So should the names be.....

I don't know that parens in names are acceptable. Also, might it make
sense to hyphenate the first two words (the first word in the name of
characters in the Hebrew block doesn't need to be "HEBREW"). Hence,
HEBREW-BABYLONIAN SIMPLE ATNACH. Or, maybe it's just an ordering thing
that's striking me as odd: BABYLONIAN HEBREW SIMPLE ATNACH, perhaps?

Peter Constable
Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies
Microsoft Windows Division

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