Re: Bangla: [ZWJ], [VIRAMA] and CV sequences

From: Gautam Sengupta (
Date: Thu Oct 09 2003 - 04:04:28 CST


I stand corrected. Long syllabic /r l/ as well as
Assamese /r v/ are indeed additions beyond the ISCII
code chart. My objection, however, was not against
their inclusion but against their placement. I
understand why long syllabic /r l/ could not be placed
with the vowels, but why were Assamese /r v/ assigned
U+09F0 and U+09F1 instead of U+09B1 and U+09B5

> --- Kenneth Whistler <> wrote:

> In the case of the Assamese letters, these
> additions separate out the *distinct* forms for
> Assamese /r/ and /v/ from the Bangla forms, and
> *enable* correct sorting, rather than inhibiting it.

I fail to understand why Assamese /r v/ wouldn't be
correctly sorted if placed in U+09F0 and U+09F1. Why
do they need to be separated out from the Bangla forms
in order to enable correct sorting?

> The addition of the long syllabic /r/ and /l/
> *enables* the representation of Sanskrit
> material in the Bengali script, and the code
> position in the charts is immaterial.

As stated earlier, my objection is not against their
inclusion, but against their positioning on the code
chart. Why is their relative position in the chart
immaterial for sorting? If it is merely because there
are script-specific sorting mechanisms already in
place, then it's just a bad excuse for a sloppy job. I
sincerely hope there is more to it than just that.

> But be that as it may, they (TDIL) have nothing to
> do with the code point choices in the range
> U+09E0..U+09FF ...

If this is indeed the case, then I must say it's
rather unfortunate. As a full corporate member
representing the Republic of India, the Ministry of
Information Technology should have had a BIG say in
the matter. Were they ever consulted on the issue? Did
they try to intervene suo moto? Will a Unicode
official kindly let us know? Best, -Gautam.

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