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Date: Thu Oct 09 2003 - 11:00:37 CST

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> > Isn't Euro support added to all CP1252 versions of Windows 98 and later,
> > and in Windows 95 if people manually visit some Microsoft web page and
> > download an update for this?
> Yes (well, I'm not sure of the exact versions, but that's a minor matter).
At this point most people who would have needed to update have done, but
it's possible that users in countries that don't use the Euro haven't done
so. Given that we are talking about the use of the symbol with a locale that
is otherwise focused on people in Britain it's worth considering.
The euro character was added to CP1252 back in 1999 and most systems have
the character. However, the locales which should be using the euro were not
updated and no replacement locales for Windows are directly available from
Microsoft. They do have a tool available to add the euro as the default
currency symbol to those locales which need it but that tool ONLY works if
you have that locale as the default locale.

This means that if I generate a new system (XP Professional) with all the
latest updates but use UK as the standard locale and then try to switch to
FRENCH/FRANCE I still get Francs! To get the locale to use euros I have to
download this tool and run it while switched into the FRENCH/FRANCE locale!

I'm not sure why you want to set the euro as the standard currency for UK as
(at present) we have not switched to that currency!?

Martin Green

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