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Date: Fri Oct 17 2003 - 11:05:49 CST

At 11:07 -0500 2003-10-17, Some Bozo [i.e. Brian] wrote:

>How many users of Ogham are there? (An bhfuil foilseachán ar bith sa lá atá
>inniú ann clóbhuailte in Ogham?)

Tá foilseacháin ina bhfuil Ogham clóchuailte ann.

>Is there even one publication today that is
>printed in Ogham? Why does Ogham qualify for entry but not Klingon?

It is an authentic script used to write Primitive
Irish on stone, and later varieties of Irish in
manuscripts from the middle ages to the 19th
century. The texts and script are studied in
their own right.

>It strikes me that the controversy about Klingon
>has more to do with its fictional origins than
>number of users. Is this not true?

I don't think so. We will certainly encode
Tengwar and Cirth, which have corpora of
documents in them. Klingonists universally prefer
Latin, and it was the judgement of the UTC that
the usage criteria hadn't been met.

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