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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Mon Oct 20 2003 - 04:22:02 CST

On 20/10/2003 02:10, Jill Ramonsky wrote:

> I challenge you to find a document or script which used the characters
> represented by codepoints U+E0020 to U+E007F /before/ their inclusion
> in Unicode.
> In point of fact, I challenge you to find any document, script,
> application, or indeed any use whatsoever for certain particular of
> these tag characters. Name me one document in which the character
> U+E0040 (tag commerical at) or U+E007C (tag vertical line) is used. At
> all.
> Jill
It depends what is considered to be a tag. Currently only language tags
are defined in Unicode. But if "Author" were considered to be a
potentially definable tag, I could cite your posting as an example of
the use of the logical character "tag commercial at", not of course as
the Unicode character but as its logical equivalent in an alternative
encoding and markup. For your posting included "@" in "From: Jill
Ramonsky <>".

Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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