Re: [OT] b and d with horizontal bar in Mahorais

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 10:11:42 CST

De: "Patrick Andries" <>

> In the case of Malgasy writing system (not Mayotte sorry) someone suggested
> to me that it may be phonetically equivalent to U+0253, the sample I have is
> « Kib-osi kimaôre en orthographe malgache » which means « Malgache de
> Mayotte » (Mayotte being a French island off Madagascar). I will check the
> actually value and usage of this b in Malgasy.

I got some news from the author of this notation, he tells me the b- and d- (bar across the lower part of the vertical stroke) are glyphic variant to the implosives « ɓ» U+0253 and « ɗ » U+0257. The forms with bars where chosen for pragmatic reasons, they can easily be typed « b » and « d », if necessary. A few books have been printed using the notation.

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