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Date: Fri Oct 17 2003 - 12:42:36 CST

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> Patrick Andries scripsit:
> > Incidentally, I notice that the b of group 8's b (in my Meillet and
> > plural of ki) has a horizontal stroke across the lower stem of the b. I
> > noticed this in a transcription of a Mayotte language. Also used by
> > and Cohen to note class 2 and class 8 prefix in Herero : respectively
> > and ib-i.
> It's probably a glyphic variant of U+0180.

In the case of Malgasy writing system (not Mayotte sorry) someone suggested
to me that it may be phonetically equivalent to U+0253, the sample I have is
Kib-osi kimare en orthographe malgache which means Malgache de
Mayotte (Mayotte being a French island off Madagascar). I will check the
actually value and usage of this b in Malgasy.

P. A.

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