Re: Klingons and their allies - Beyond 17 planes

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Fri Oct 17 2003 - 12:54:24 CST

John Cowan wrote:

>Mark E. Shoulson scripsit:
>>there *are* people who use it in handwriting, who keep journals in it,
>>who write notes to one another... (I'm not one of them, in general, but
>>there are Klingonists who do). I'll see if I can get you some names and
>This doesn't really meet what Unicode needs. Keeping journals is a personal
>use, and writing notes is a point-to-point use. What we need is something
>resembling publishing: a book, a journal, a newsletter. Something where
>in order to computerize it, people have to agree on the encoding who can't
>make person-to-person agreements.
Oh. Right. So we just need to have a standardized encoding for Klingon
to get a standardized encoding for Klingon. That seems simple enough.
(and the fact that we already have and use one (or two: the PUA and the
"xifan" coding) doesn't count because... why again?)

>>It *is* a c-and-e problem, as I've said just now. We *can't* send email
>>or make web pages in Klingon: I've tried, and even with Mozilla (a
>>generally standards-compliant browser) the PUA doesn't work as it ought
>>to, and if it did it wouldn't matter since the PUA by definition isn't
>>meant for information interchange.
>Try looking at with Mozilla
>Firebird or IE6. Make sure you have the Code2000 font installed.
I'm attaching a screenshot of
which SHOULD be a Unicode encoding. This is with Mozilla 1.4 and
Code2000. Even people who can read pIqaD can't read this. The "qapla'"
page works okay, but note that only some letters are affected (that's
okay; English doesn't *really* need its g, m, q, r, and z, right?)



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