Re: Klingons and their allies - Beyond 17 planes

From: John Cowan (
Date: Fri Oct 17 2003 - 12:27:15 CST

Mark E. Shoulson scripsit:

> Oh. Right. So we just need to have a standardized encoding for Klingon
> to get a standardized encoding for Klingon. That seems simple enough.
> (and the fact that we already have and use one (or two: the PUA and the
> "xifan" coding) doesn't count because... why again?)

No. You have two encodings, now USE them to actually publish stuff.
Start sending out KLI hard copy works in pIqaD. Reprint some books
using it. That's how you build a case for promoting your locally
standardized encoding to a universally standardized one.

Also sprach Kenneth Whistler:

# Demonstration of use in published or otherwise printed material
# is an important criterion. So is demonstration of use in implemented
# software, which may not be the same thing at all. (Some characters
# are invisible units of processing, after all, and may have no direct
# manifestation in print.) So is indication of support by a relevant community
# of users -- sometimes in advance of published use. So is use in textual
# interchange, or conversion, or use in interworking with legacy
# character encodings -- again, sometimes in the absence of printed
# publications. Architectural necessity to solve some problem in
# the encoding is another possible criterion. (In case anybody is
# interested in a bit of trivia, that is how U+0229 LATIN SMALL LETTER
# E WITH CEDILLA got in, by the way.) Preexisting encoding in other
# character encodings, even if badly conceived in the first place,
# is another criterion used for lots of characters.

> I'm attaching a screenshot of
> which SHOULD be a Unicode encoding. This is with Mozilla 1.4 and
> Code2000. Even people who can read pIqaD can't read this. The "qapla'"
> page works okay, but note that only some letters are affected (that's
> okay; English doesn't *really* need its g, m, q, r, and z, right?)

I see the same partial mojibake on Mozilla Firebird/Linux, but the
Windows version seems to work correctly. So does fully patched IE6.

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