Re: unicode on Linux

From: Benjamin Peterson (
Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 14:19:10 CST

Edward H. Trager wrote:
> and to my knowledge Windows does not yet have grep at all ...

Oh, a curse on Bill Gates and his newfangled Micro$loth systems :) To
_my_ knowledge, however...

There's cygwin.

Or better yet, no cygwin!

Or, GNU grep!
There's a different build of GNU grep here:

Or, you could use the MS equivalent, findstr, which works on multibyte
characters provided it can guess the encoding from the current codepage
(i.e. you have to set code page to 932 to make it work on a shift-JIS
file, and so on). You'd think you could use it on utf-8 by setting
codepage to 65001 but it doesn't happen for me. On the other hand it
does recurse into directories.

Or, there's the DJGPP version of grep:

And related to it, there's the version that uses the PW32 project:

Or, there's cgrep and jgrep; but I don't know what particular encodings
they work with and I don't have the URLs to hand.

Or, there's a modified GNU grep here:

...and so on. I usually use unxutils.

  Benjamin Peterson

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