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Date: Fri Oct 24 2003 - 05:27:16 CST

On 2003.10.23, 23:19, Peter Kirk <> wrote:

> the V-shaped letter is something like the Russian close central vowel
> ? - might be U+0474 which was used in Russian up to about that time,

Iz^ica, of course! I mean, it may be something else though, but it is
unforgivable that I hadn't remembered that one!

> the backwards P is the something like the Russian ? and the English k
> - this just might be an alternative form of U+0480 which is in effect
> a Cyrillic Q.

Hm, U+0480 is the cyrillic version of koppa -- I'd expect it to appear
only in byzantine words, mainly used in Orthodox Church context, just
like cyrillic omega (U+0460) and cyrillic psi (U+0470). But since this
is the 1909-1926 Abkhaz orthography, we can expect this kind of letters
in use more than in Stalin-era orthographies, that's for sure.

Anyway, this may be the specific cyrillic glyph refered in use in
Kurdish some time ago, one point in favor of its disunification from

However, I remember having sees a late 18th cent. french painting
showing U+0051 (latin, not cyrillic!) with the reverse "P" glyph.

> I don't see any apostrophe in the images either at
> or at

It is between the "T" and "A" of the first word -- I reckon it may be a
grave (on the "A") instead.

> Am I missing something?
> is not found.

Sorry. It should be

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