RE: Merging combining classes, was: New contribution N2676

From: Jony Rosenne (
Date: Sun Oct 26 2003 - 18:37:28 CST

There is nothing unusual about this. The only problem is that while the
Hiriq is between the Lamed and the Mem and belongs to the missing Yod, some
people insist that they see two vowels under the Lamed.


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> Jony Rosenne wrote:
> >While the current combining classes may cause some difficulties for
> >Biblical scholars (and this isn't cut and dry yet - it isn't certain
> >whether these are Unicode problem, implementation problems, missing
> >characters or mis-identified characters), I have yet to see
> a claimed
> >problem with pointed Hebrew - I mean just the points, without
> >cantillation marks, as used for non-Biblical texts. And I
> don't count
> >Microsoft's strange implementation mentioned yesterday as a Unicode
> >problem.
> >
> >
> I'll have to recheck, but I think I found, last week, a
> Sephardic prayer
> book that had, in prayers that were pointed but not cantillated,
> "Yerushalayim" spelled without a yod before the final mem.
> This may not
> be an example of what you're asking for; the prayer in question was
> probably Biblical text that wasn't printed with cantillations.
> ~mark

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