Re: Merging combining classes, was: New contribution N2676

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Sun Oct 26 2003 - 18:07:19 CST

Jony Rosenne wrote:

>While the current combining classes may cause some difficulties for Biblical
>scholars (and this isn't cut and dry yet - it isn't certain whether these
>are Unicode problem, implementation problems, missing characters or
>mis-identified characters), I have yet to see a claimed problem with pointed
>Hebrew - I mean just the points, without cantillation marks, as used for
>non-Biblical texts. And I don't count Microsoft's strange implementation
>mentioned yesterday as a Unicode problem.
I'll have to recheck, but I think I found, last week, a Sephardic prayer
book that had, in prayers that were pointed but not cantillated,
"Yerushalayim" spelled without a yod before the final mem. This may not
be an example of what you're asking for; the prayer in question was
probably Biblical text that wasn't printed with cantillations.


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