Re: Merging combining classes, was: New contribution N2676

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Mon Oct 27 2003 - 17:35:46 CST

On 27/10/2003 12:28, Mark Davis wrote:

>Collation is very different, and already has mechanisms for dealing with
>sequences. So no CGJ is needed there (except for case 2).
Mark, can you outline what these mechanisms are or point me to a
definition e.g. in a section of UTR #10? As I had understood it, the
only way to deal with sequences of the sort I have in mind is to list
each possible individually as a contraction. The Logical_Order_Exception
property (see section 3.1.3) just
might be useful, but doesn't seem to have the necessary flexibility as
it causes a character to be swapped with ANY following character, not
just with any of a restricted list of such characters. The backwards
marking used for French accents (section 3.1.2) seems to apply over too
long a string.

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