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From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed Oct 29 2003 - 15:34:06 CST

At 12:33 PM 10/29/2003, Philippe Verdy wrote:

>Even today, it is quite hard to find any Romanian or Latvian web page using
>the new Unicode characters with a comma-below: even governmental sites use
>the characters coded with the cedilla, and they support that this comma
>below is rendered approximately, as this does not cause interpretation
>problems for readers.

Yes, and this is going to remain a problem for some time to come. From the
typography end, we're looking at addressing this at the display end, but
this relies on support for OpenType Language System tags which is not in
place yet. For example, OpenType fonts can contain <locl> Localised Forms
feature lookups that map the Scedilla glyph to the Scommaccent glyph when
the Romanian Language System is selected. This doesn't solve the underlying
document encoding problem, but at least it gets documents that use the
old/wrong characters for Romanian to display correctly.

>May be we could militate here so that Microsoft includes at least the
>characters for Latvian and Romanian (at least the precomposed characters,
>even if a decomposed comma-below is not rendered correctly) in a update of
>its "Times New Roman", "Arial", "Verdana" and "Tahoma" fonts for the web...

All of these fonts already include the newer Romanian S/s and T/t
commaaccent characters and correct accent forms for the Latvian diacritics
(although the Arial comma accent is a bit too much like an unattached cedilla).

By the way, since no real world use has been found for a T/t with a cedilla
attached, most font developers do not include a glyph for it, and instead
double map the T/tcommaaccent glyph to both the cedilla and commaaccent

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