GSM and Unicode

Date: Tue Nov 04 2003 - 12:52:57 EST

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    I am looking at the GSM 03.38 specification

    GSM 03.38 Version 5.3.0 July 1996

    GSM 03.38 Version v7.0.0 July 1998-07

    specification about GSM 03.38 default alphabet-

    Any one know can tell me is there any place I can find out all the details
    about which cell phoen model does support UCS2 SMS Data Coding Scheme in
    additional to the "default" alphabet? And what is the character set they support ?
    Latin1 ? MES-1 or MES-2 ? Thanks

    Also, it seems some phone or phone utility do transliteration for Unicode on
    the GSM default alphabet. Any one have information about that?

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