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Date: Tue Nov 04 2003 - 16:42:51 EST

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    "well defined process" is a stretch. By the way, RFC 2978 replaced 2278 a few
    years ago.

    The problem with the IANA charset _list_ is that it lists not only useful
    charset names but also
    - names that are illegal for charsets by its own rules
    - names for things that are not (verifiably) charsets at all
    - names for charsets that cannot be implemented reliably
       because there is no online, machine-readable specification for them,
       and even for the ones where there is one, it is not usually
       a mapping to/from Unicode

    > ... But that does not mean IANA
    > will or should take those name automatically. IANA will took those name
    > if someone submit those name thorugh the RFC 2278 process and those name
    > fit into the criterias stated in RFC 2278.

    The problem with the IANA charset registration _process_ is that the criteria
    are under-specified
    and the registration is often very unresponsive - some proposals are
    forgotten entirely or take many
    months to register. Attempts to get clarification on the criteria have failed.

    See the IANA charset list archives for details.
    Regardless all these issue. IANA charset list is still the one used for
    Internet protocols. And the only way you can say one charset name is valid for the
    Internet protocol or not is still looking at that list, right? of course, you
    can still have those x- charset name.

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