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From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Tue Nov 04 2003 - 16:14:15 EST

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    > We are talking about charset value for the internet protocol here. It is
    > a special narrow field of charset name. The value used by Internet
    > protocol are defined by a well defined process-
    > RFC 2278 - IANA Charset
    > Registration Procedures

    "well defined process" is a stretch. By the way, RFC 2978 replaced 2278 a few years ago.

    The problem with the IANA charset _list_ is that it lists not only useful charset names but also
    - names that are illegal for charsets by its own rules
    - names for things that are not (verifiably) charsets at all
    - names for charsets that cannot be implemented reliably
       because there is no online, machine-readable specification for them,
       and even for the ones where there is one, it is not usually
       a mapping to/from Unicode

    > ... But that does not mean IANA
    > will or should take those name automatically. IANA will took those name
    > if someone submit those name thorugh the RFC 2278 process and those name
    > fit into the criterias stated in RFC 2278.

    The problem with the IANA charset registration _process_ is that the criteria are under-specified
    and the registration is often very unresponsive - some proposals are forgotten entirely or take many
    months to register. Attempts to get clarification on the criteria have failed.

    See the IANA charset list archives for details.

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