UTF8 and COntrol Characters

From: Abdij Bhat (Abdij.Bhat@kshema.com)
Date: Tue Nov 04 2003 - 23:57:07 EST

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     Thanks a lot in advance for having a look into my problem.
     We have an VC++ Application that interacts with a hardware. We recently
    Globalized the Application. The hardware however is ASCII only.
     However, there are a couple of strings that are sent to the hardware. We
    have used UTF8 to convert all strings to be stored in the hardware. All
    these strings and other data are passed to the hardware as a TCL file. The
    hardware parses this file for all the information. The parser uses Control
    Characters and escape sequences information as delimiter to data (name pair
     The query we have is:
     If a UNICODE strings is converted to UTF8, will the UTF8 encoded string
    contain and control character or escape sequences? If so, is it possible to
    eliminate the same?
     We use the MultiByteToWideChar() and WideCharToMultiByte() to achieve the
    encoding and decoding.

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