Re: UTF8 and COntrol Characters

Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 13:53:57 EST

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    I think verdy_p's message is not very clear below. I think I know what he
    mean but the message itself need some clearification.

    In a message dated 11/5/2003 3:39:09 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
    From: "Abdij Bhat" <>
    > If a UNICODE strings is converted to UTF8, will the UTF8 encoded string
    > contain and control character or escape sequences? If so, is it possible
    > eliminate the same?

    UTF-8 sequences will not contain any C0 control bytes,
    I think you should say
    "The UTF-8 seqences will not use C0 control code area (0x00-0x1F) to
    represent characters. " instead of "UTF-8 sequences will not contain any C0 control
    bytes, " because it is legal to have C0 control code inside UTF-8, for example,
    TAB, CR, LF are all in c0 area and perfectly legal in UTF-8.
    but it will in many
    cases use contain C1 control bytes (between 0x80 and 0x9F).
    I think the rigth way to say is is "UTF-8 may use bytes 0x80 to 0x9F as part
    of multiple byte UTF-8 byte serquence for a single Unicode characters. And
    those bytes is defined as C1 control area. Therefore, code code sequence with
    0x80 and 0x9f should not be insert into UTF-8 STREAM, but could be insert into
    UTF-16 STREAM (by using two bytes 0x0080 - 0x009F) .

    UTF-8 keeps all 7-bit ASCII characters unchanged and does not create any
    sequence of bytes containing them for non 7-bit ASCII characters (all
    sequences of UTF-8 bytes are made of bytes>=0x80). UTF-8 will then never
    create any escape sequence.

    But be warned that you should not create escape sequences containing bytes
    >= 0x80 after the leading escape (in this case, they may conflict with a
    UTF-8 decoder).. If your escape sequences are made only of 7-bit ASCII
    bytes, then this is safe, and you can mix plain-text ASCII, C0 controls,
    escape sequences and UTF-8 sequences for non ASCII characters.
    Not only "You should not create escape sequences containing bytes
    >= 0x80 after the leading escape " but also "You should not create escape
    sequences containing bytes >= 0x80 as the leading escape "
    Note that C1 controls of Unicode and ISO-8859-* will be converted to a pair
    of bytes in UTF-8, with the first byte being 0xC2, and the second byte
    varying between 0x80 and 0x9F (so C1 controls will appear in UTF-8 with a
    0xC2 "prefix" before the same byte when encoding them with ISO-8859-*)

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