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Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 14:16:54 EST

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    Agreed. But to be fair to MySQL, they do mention as a potential problem
    that three bytes have to be allocated in strings for each UTF-8
    character. For full UTF-8 support they would need four bytes per
    character which would, from their perspective, be a greater problem.
    Also I suspect that Unicode data is actually being stored in 16-bit
    entities, and that the major issue is the extra complication of handling
    surrogate pairs within that representation (rather than the trivial one
    of converting such pairs to and from valid UTF-8).
    I don't think this is an unique issue for MySQL about how to store the
    Unicode data, right? Basically, they have the followin choice:

    UCS2 - as they are today as you describe
    UTF-16 - that is what I think they should do but that might create issue for
    the "index" or substring operation
    UCS4 or UTF-32 - that is what they think they may need if they support

    Mozilla use UTF-16 internally. glib use UCS4 as I understand for w_char in
    their "vendor definitation". MS use UTF-16 for Win32 api and OLE api (not sure
    about the internal since they are not open source). Tcl use UCS2 (and their
    converter does not handle surrogate)

    This is a generic issue. Why it so special with MySQL? because the SQL api?

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