Re: [hebrew] using ZWJ for medial meteg

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 06:11:03 EST

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    From: "Peter Constable" <>
    > 4) Add a new combining character that would occur after meteg to control
    > its rendering with hataf vowels. (This is effectively like Philippe's
    > suggestions of combining VSs, but it would be specific to meteg;
    > this is not a VS with general category of Mn and combining class
    > of 22.) It would have the same combining class as meteg (22).
    > In the event it was used with a non-hataf vowel, it would have no effect.

    I suggested both options:
    - general purpose combining VS characters, (which I noted CVSn, where n
    stands for some number), which would best fit in special plane 14 with the
    other variant selectors.
    - hebrew specific combining VS characters, (which I noted HVSn), which would
    best fit in a RTL block (the Hebrew blocks in the BMP if there's enough
    space for it).

    You take the second option here, but you want to restrict to usage with
    METEG only, and I suggested in that case that it would be more simple to
    encode a medial meteg with a compatibility decomposition (NFKD) to the
    standard meteg.

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