Re-distributing the files in GS/VENDORS

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 09:03:16 EST

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    Is it allowed to re-distribute, in a commercial application, the Microsoft
    and Apple mapping files available from the Unicode server?

    I am talking about the files published in the following directories:



    The header comment of mapping files in other directories under often contain explicit instruction
    for re-distribution, such as:

            "Unicode, Inc. hereby grants the right to [...] make copies of this
    file in any form for internal or external distribution as long as this
    notice remains attached";

            "Unicode, Inc. specifically excludes the right to re-distribute this
    file directly to third parties or other organizations whether for profit or

    It would be nice to have similar statements also from Microsoft and Apple,
    either in the header of the mapping files themselves or as separate read-me
    files in the relevant directories.

    If this is not possible, could I please have a public or private reply from
    the contact e-mails indicated in the files ( and, respectively), or from the Unicode Consortium official,
    stating whether o not I am allowed to re-distribute the above described
    files in a commercial application?

    Thank you in advance. Regards.

    Marco Cimarosti
    (S3, Italy,


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