Re: Hexadecimal digits?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sun Nov 09 2003 - 17:18:53 EST

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    From: "Simon Butcher" <>
    > When dealing with protocol specifications, there's often a need for
    characters like these, too, since hex byte pictures are unambiguous. I have
    a DEC dumb terminal around here somewhere which also uses them when
    debugging control characters.
    > I suppose you could argue it's purely a formatting issue, though.

    If you've got some technical documentation reference of this terminal, it
    would be worth to give it as it will be used in technical documentations.

    What you suggest is something else: it's a proposal to encode technical
    characters similar to control images, or to glyphs of keys on a keyboard. It
    is not a script, but a handy collection of unique glyphs.

    In a similar technical domain, I don't know if the technical glyphs that are
    (were?) used on terminals for IBM MVS systems, are all encoded. I remember
    there was a sort of zig-zag arrow pointing to bottom left, as well as other
    symbols denoting the current state of the terminal, and a few others to
    denote editing operations in a screen mode: one had to mark a edited line
    with a symbol, and the terminal took care of remember where editing was
    allowed and performed, and once you had created a modified line, you pressed
    a "Send" key to get the screen updated with the new text after editing
    operations. This was more or less working in a way similar to the "vi"
    editor line-mode interface, except that it was screen-based rather than

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