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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Nov 12 2003 - 16:49:55 EST

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    From: "Doug Ewell" <>
    > It was never intended to compete with IPA. It was an idle-brain
    > activity from when I was 17. Some people write poetry or learn the
    > ocarina; I invented an alphabet.

    Sorry, I did not want to be polemic about your work. You have perfectly the
    right to use it and even advertize it as you own artistic work. In fact I
    appreciate the fact that you were focused soon with the representation of
    your language with an alternate writing form addressing other needs than
    just reproduction of texts written by others.

    You're not alone to have had this idea: what you did is to create your own
    stenography, and I think that most skilled people invent their own
    conventions to note speech rapidly, in one form or another of stenography.
    You were skilled enough to create an orthograph based on phonology, with its
    rules, so that you could not only reread yourself, but also give your notes
    to read to somebody else, by using a consistant model. Your system is then
    really a good stenography.

    Many people have learned to write and read stenographic systems, in addition
    to the conventional alphabets. This was (and may be is still now, a
    recognized professional skill. I will certainly never blame against your
    work, that you have tuned to address new needs.

    Whever your phonemic alphabet constitutes a script or not is however not in
    you hands: a script gains its status when it gets used by others to
    communicate. It is usable as such, even if it may not have a definitive
    orthograph (many languages are written with some wellknown script, without
    having a definitive orthograph, so the absence or presence of an orthograph
    with your script is not a problem for me).

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