Re: How can I input any Unicode character if I know its hexadecimal code?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sat Nov 15 2003 - 12:08:06 EST

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    From: "Peter Kirk" <>
    > On 15/11/2003 01:46, Peter Kirk wrote:
    > > I am almost certain that you could set up Keyman 6 from
    > > to simulate the alt-x input method for any Windows
    > > application that accepts Unicode input.
    > >
    > As I was advised off list, with the regular version of Keyman 6 you can
    > enter only characters which you have programmed individually into the
    > keyboard driver (and I am not sure it can support over a million in one
    > program!) With Keyman Developer Pro you can call an external DLL to do
    > the computations.

    May be that's something to suggest to Microsoft for inclusion in a future
    version of its wonderful MSKLB tool, which works great to create keyboard
    drivers for alphabet/abjad scripts that use dead keys and AltrGr (or
    Alt+Ctrl on US keyboards), but cannot be used to create complex input
    methods, where it is impractical to use dead keys (also in Hebrew and Arabic
    for vowel points and marks which should better be entered with a logical
    order after the base letter, even if they produce combining sequences to the
    application through the WM_CHAR event).

    The <AltGr+x+Unicode hex code point> keystroke sequence could be added to
    the existing support of <AltrGr+0+ANSI decimal code> and <AltGr+OEM decimal
    code> keystrokes... and featured in a update for all supported keyboard
    drivers for Windows.

    Of course, other complex input methods like the ones for Chinese, Japanese
    or Korean (and possibly also for the input method for Vietnamese, unless the
    MSKLB tool can handle less restricted stateful tables with more than one
    dead key) will still need a specific IME development with the additional
    support of a GUI input window allowing searches and selection of ideographs.

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