FW: creating a test font w/ CJKV Extension B characters.

From: Ostermueller, Erik (Erik.Ostermueller@fnf.com)
Date: Thu Nov 20 2003 - 11:30:17 EST

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    Thanks, everyone for you input.
    Its nice to be showered w/ very competent assistance.
    We haven't be able to justify paying for this kind of font,
    because we only need a character or two out of the cast of thousands.

    A kind soul from this list created the font I was looking for.
    I won't mention his name, for fear he'd get swamped w/ requests
    for custom fonts. Thanks.

    After I got that font, I got this link. This article looks very helpful
    for all those curious about creating fonts for surrogate pairs.

    LLTI (long live the internet)

    --Erik O

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    If you go to my web page at
    http://scholarsfonts.net/Adding%20Supplementary%20Chars.pdf you will
    find info that will enable you to get U+20050, or other characters
    outside the BMP, into a font. There are a number of other issues
    regarding support for Far Eastern fonts, particularly when they must
    have more than 64,000 glyphs, that I know nothing about. But the page I
    refer to above will enable you to do what you describe in your message.
    If you are not experienced with fonts, I'd suggest getting somebody's
    permissino to use a set of Latin characters rather than creating your
    own, since there's quite a learning curve involved. Then add the one
    SIP character you need.


    > I'd like to create a test font that contains a
    > a standard US Latin alphabet and the following characters:
    > \u5000
    > \u20050
    > We need this for testing a software app that supports
    > GB18030. My main problem is that I don't know beans about
    > fonts. Could someone recommend a good tutorial or 'font
    > creator' application that addresses surrogate pairs?

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