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Date: Fri Nov 21 2003 - 09:33:49 EST

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    In the case of Microsoft's Mangal, which is an OpenType font, the mapping
    (including contextual mapping) from Unicode characters to glyphs in the
    font is contained in lookup tables built into the font.

    Many glyphs in this font do not have a direct one to one correspondence
    with characters but and are accessible by applying the features and lookups
    in the font.

    Please see:

    - Chris

    Christopher J. Fynn
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    > I would like to know that I am currently working with a hindi software.
    > this scenario the complete software is working on the basis of ISCII
    > Now in my software itself I want to give support for a unicode font for
    > devnagari Script(mangal). How do I go about doing this. Currently my
    > software is based on the iscii mapiing to the font codes(ttf). But how do
    > do the mapping of Unicode to Font Codes.(ttf)
    > Thanks in advance
    > Ritu

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