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Date: Fri Nov 21 2003 - 19:52:36 EST

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    > Frank Yung-Fong Tang wrote:
    > > Does the ICU ISCII convertesr take ATTRIBUTE code in ISCII (as defined
    > > in ANNEX-E of ISCII 13194:1991, page 20 to swtich between script?)
    > > ATR = 0xEF in ISCII
    > > 0xEF 0x42 to switch to Devanagari script
    > > 0xEF 0x43 to switch to Bengali script
    > > etc...
    > The ICU ISCII converter does handle the script-switching
    > attributes. The default script (before
    > encountering a script attribute) depends on the charset name you
    > use (for example, iscii-dev vs.
    > iscii-guj vs. iscii-tlg or x-iscii-te etc.) or can be set with an
    > ICU-specific option suffix on the
    > ISCII charset name itself.
    > Search for "ISCII" in

    Just one subsidiary question about this ICU file: will there be support in
    ICU of charset name aliases used in Oracle? How can we be sure of the
    corresponding charset name aliases between Oracle, MIME, Java...

    I know that Oracle 8i and after implements a JDK-compilant Java VM, so this
    alias mapping should be easy to perform with Java aliases, no?

    I have the same questions for Sybase (is it the same as MS SQL, i.e. based
    on Windows codepages?)

    Could the ICU charsets converters support other well-known collections of
    charset names and aliases beside these ones: UTR22, ICU, IBM, JAVA, WINDOWS,
    For example VMS collections, and other RDBMS engines like MSSQL, SYBASE,

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