Re: Digest doesn't display unicode properly?

From: Thomas Widmann (
Date: Sat Nov 22 2003 - 07:11:42 EST

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    "Theodore H. Smith" <> writes:

    > I see a lot of garbage characters in the unicode digest.
    > The same emails, however, display fine when emailed to me directly,
    > (although I can't understand them sometimes ;o) but someone who speaks
    > the correct language would).
    > Is this a problem with my mailer, or the unicode digest program?

    It is the digest program. As far as I can see, it simply concatenates
    the messages without changing their encodings.

    > I suppose the unicode digest should be responsible, for converting
    > the emails, into UTF8 before merging. Even if the original seperate
    > emails were in UTF16, or ISO-whatever, or Shift JIS, etc etc.

    That would indeed be nice! And a nice demonstration of what one can
    do with Unicode.

    > I'm using Mail, for OSX 10.2.8, by the way.

    I'm using Gnus, but it shouldn't make any difference.


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