From: Ritu Malhotra (Ritu@SOFTEK.CO.IN)
Date: Tue Nov 25 2003 - 00:40:02 EST

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    Could someone kindly help me by providing an exe(Font utility) that will not
    only edit open type fonts(ex: Mangal.ttf) but will also help me in
    repositiong the glyphs.(Is this possible???)Example Let's say Hindi letter
    'KA' is placed on 793(in Decimal)in Mangal.ttf. Now I need to place
    that('KA') on 65(in Decimal). Actually I know that 'A' is placed there
    initially but I want to replace this 'A' by hindi 'KA'.Please let me know
    Thanks in advance.
    Ritu Malhotra

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