RE: Unicode 4.0 Poster

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Tue Nov 25 2003 - 04:50:12 EST

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    Mark Davis wrote:

    > I remembered that I had done something with making a Unicode
    > Poster some time
    > ago. Dusted it off, and posted the results.
    > Voila, every Unicode character in 4.0:
    > Columns: 256, Rows: 410
    > all unassigned rows are skipped (with double line showing where)
    > blank = whitespace
    > yellow = other default ignorable
    > gray = unassigned
    > black = noncharacter

    Canonically decomposable characters should have a distinct cell color: light
    Finally the font-size 50% is not well rendered; I would clearly prefer using
    a explicit 7 or 8 pt font size...

    It also seems that the crash in Opera comes from excessive constraints on
    the table: wells have a specified width of 1% instead of 0.387% (except
    horizontal headers with 0.928%)

    The crash of X servers comes from too many distinct glyphs to cache; no
    clear solution on this except trying to upgrade the X server.

    I do think that such a giant poster should be a large GIF instead, or a
    collection of GIFs, one or two per row (easier to update if you want to
    maintain it with new allocations).

    > Good test of your browser!
    > (Mozilla Firebird croaks on it. Opera works, but has ugly
    > formatting. IE works.

    It's long to load and render, but yes it works, at least on WinXP. I doubt
    that Win9x/ME will be able to load it.

    This is at least a good test for X servers...

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