RE: Korean compression (was: Re: Ternary search trees for Unicode dictionaries)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Tue Nov 25 2003 - 04:57:54 EST

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    Christopher John Fynn wrote:
    > "Peter Kirk" <> wrote:
    > > This approach would certainly have simplified pointed Hebrew a lot, so
    > > much so that it could well be serious. After all, Ethiopic was encoded
    > > as a syllabary just because the vowel points happen to have become
    > > attached to the base characters. And we already have some precomposed
    > > Hebrew syllables, FB1D, FB1F, FB2E, FB2F. But I guess it is too late for
    > > a change now!
    > Please don't even think of it - acceptance of any proposal for
    > precomposed characters for one script would open the floodgates
    > for similar proposals for other scripts.

    Isn't it what happened to the Latin script with floods of precomposed
    characters, notably letters with double accents which were not necessary to
    support and map correctly the VISCII standard?

    Floodgates are already opened, but the composition stability policy would
    require that most additional precomposed characters would need to be
    excluded from normalized composition forms. As such introduction of
    precomposed but excluded characters would not occur in any normalized text,
    it would be justified only to support bijective mapping with another
    standard that allows distinction between composed and decomposed

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