RE: numeric properties of Nl characters in the UCD

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Nov 26 2003 - 06:55:15 EST

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    Arcane Jill writes:

    > But actually, there is one small difference between what
    > I said and what you said. I merely observed that no characters
    > have different non-null values for the various number-related
    > properties. But you state (emphasis on *cannot*) that this is
    > guaranteed. Please confirm - is there a hard-coded guarantee
    > that no character will ever be added in the future for which the
    > various number-related properties will have different non-null
    > values? Such a guarantee would be useful, as it would allow me
    > to do more optimisation of stored data.

    You don't need such guarantee for now. If it ever occurs later, you may code
    exceptions to the rule. But I doubt it will happen. You can be very
    confident that if a character has a decimal property, it will have the same
    integer property and the same numeric property. Then if a character has no
    decimal property but a integer property, it will also have the same numeric

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