Re: Unicode for Windows CE

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Sat Nov 29 2003 - 13:35:30 EST

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    > Thanks for the link. It is good to know that MSKLC can be used for creating
    > Keyboard Driver for WinCE. But is it true only truetype fonts can be used. No
    > OTF?
    > Thanks and refgares
    > Mustafa Jabbar

    I doubt that PostScript flavour OpenType fonts can be used since that would
    require some form of Adobe Type Manager in Windows CE. Simple TrueType flavour
    OpenType fonts that don't require Uniscribe probably work but for complex
    script layout for scripts such as Bangla / Bengali there would have to be the
    equivalent of USP10.DLL running in Windows CE - and I've never heard of
    anything like that.

    You'd have to try asking on the MS Volt list or someone in Microsoft

    Most of what I see listed on the MS web-site is about support for east asian
    (CJK) scripts in Win CE - nothing so far about any complex Indic or Arabic

    Personally I wouldn't expect support for complex scripts like Bengali to appear
    in Windows CE until some time after all the main complex scripts are fully
    supported in Windows XP. Uniscribe (USP10.DLL) is constantly being updated
    with support for new scripts and it would seem to make sense to make a version
    for Win CE only once Uniscribe already has support for more or less all the
    scripts they plan to support. That is unless there is a huge commercial demand
    for complex script support in Win CE and it is both practical and commercially
    worth while for them to implement it.

    OpenType fonts for complex scripts on Windows CE would need very good hinting
    and ClearType to be useable since text is rendered at a small size. There is
    probably also the issue of getting handwriting recognition for scripts like
    Bengali to work well since that is the main input method for many CE devices.

     - Chris

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