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Date: Sat Nov 29 2003 - 14:12:22 EST

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    I also sincrely doubt that MSKLC will create keyboards that will work on a
    CE device, to tell you the truth. Maybe they do, but they have never been
    tested there and I would be surprised if they had no problems (never forget
    the First Tester's Axiom!).

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    > > Thanks for the link. It is good to know that MSKLC can be used for
    > > Keyboard Driver for WinCE. But is it true only truetype fonts can be
    used. No
    > > OTF?
    > > Thanks and refgares
    > > Mustafa Jabbar
    > I doubt that PostScript flavour OpenType fonts can be used since that
    > require some form of Adobe Type Manager in Windows CE. Simple TrueType
    > OpenType fonts that don't require Uniscribe probably work but for complex
    > script layout for scripts such as Bangla / Bengali there would have to be
    > equivalent of USP10.DLL running in Windows CE - and I've never heard of
    > anything like that.
    > You'd have to try asking on the MS Volt list or someone in Microsoft
    > Typography.
    > Most of what I see listed on the MS web-site is about support for east
    > (CJK) scripts in Win CE - nothing so far about any complex Indic or Arabic
    > scripts.
    > Personally I wouldn't expect support for complex scripts like Bengali to
    > in Windows CE until some time after all the main complex scripts are fully
    > supported in Windows XP. Uniscribe (USP10.DLL) is constantly being
    > with support for new scripts and it would seem to make sense to make a
    > for Win CE only once Uniscribe already has support for more or less all
    > scripts they plan to support. That is unless there is a huge commercial
    > for complex script support in Win CE and it is both practical and
    > worth while for them to implement it.
    > OpenType fonts for complex scripts on Windows CE would need very good
    > and ClearType to be useable since text is rendered at a small size. There
    > probably also the issue of getting handwriting recognition for scripts
    > Bengali to work well since that is the main input method for many CE
    > - Chris

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