RE: MS Windows and Unicode 4.0 ?

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Sat Nov 29 2003 - 16:04:02 EST

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    > Is there any plan for Microsoft to support Unicode 4.0, distribute
    > its
    > operating system the corresponding fonts and update the corresponding
    > Character Map tools/charts (Office and OS) ?

    Of course, there is a certain vagueness to the question surrounding the
    issue of what it means to say "product X supports Unicode 4.0."

    However you understand it, we are making steady progress in that
    direction, in that we are continuing to broaden support in all kinds of
    services the OS provides. Note that that might mean that we'll provide
    underlying support for a particular script if fonts and input methods
    are supplied from somewhere else.

    I don't know when Character Map will be updated. What happens in Office
    - e.g. Insert|Symbol - someone else would have to answer, though I think
    that the Insert|Symbol dialog follows what's in the selected font for
    the characters it shows and for the scripts it lists as subsets
    (following the Unicode bitfield in the OS/2 table -- I'd need to do some
    testing to be sure).

    Peter Constable

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