RE: Oriya: mba / mwa ?

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Date: Sat Nov 29 2003 - 16:17:38 EST

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    > I think the TDIL chart is wrong.

    It seems reasonable that one should need extra persuasion to take the
    word of an American living in Ireland over Indians. (Sorry.)

    > Traditionally (as in Learn Oriya in 30 Days) subjoined BA is used in
    > this context although the reading rules say to pronounce it [w].

    So, you're saying that all of these should be encoded as C + virama +

    > Now an original ligature of O and BA has been pressed into service

    I've seen elsewhere that you've described this as a ligature involving
    O, but are you sure it's that? Note that the same shape is used for NYA
    and NNA (e.g. conjuncts for NN.NNA and SS.NNA).

    > The traditional BA should be used for that unless we have better
    > evidence than the TDIL newsletter that such should be the practice.

    I could be convinced of that; but if people in India aren't convinced of
    that, the boat may not float.


    Peter Constable

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