Byzantine Musical Symbols Questions

From: Tom Gewecke (
Date: Sun Jan 04 2004 - 11:56:27 EST

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    In helping someone work on a font for Byzantine musical symbols (1D000
    -1D0FF) we noticed that there was no encoding of either precomposed or
    combining symbols, despite the fact that many or most of them do not occur
    in isolation. As a result, using these symbols in plain text is not very
    practical, aside from employing the PUA for the necessary combinations.
    Chapter 14.10 of TUS 4.0 does note that the manipulation of these symbols
    is outside its scope. A couple questions:

    1) Can anyone provide links to documents that would help better understand
    how this came about?

    2) Are there currently any proposals to add combining versions of any of
    these symbols to the Standard?

    3) Is anyone on the list aware of any markup language or composing
    applications (any platform) that can use the current encoding to produce
    Byzantine musical notation?

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