Re: Name Mixup Behind Air France Groundings

Date: Mon Jan 05 2004 - 06:58:27 EST

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    > The names of six passengers were similar to those of terrorist suspects
    > provided by the FBI, prompting the French government to halt the flights, the
    > official said on condition of anonymity.

    So that's why the astronauts on the first Apollo moon-landing had to officially
    go through customs when they got back; the name "Michael Collins" matched one
    on a list the British had given the Feds in the 1920s and they thought they'd
    better hold him up a bit while they could check him out... (on a similar note,
    don't bother trying to travel anywhere if you are nicknamed "Jackal", as far as
    I can make out there isn't a criminal or terrorist organisation in the world
    that doesn't have a member using that handle).

    Jon Hanna (neither the psychedilic counter-culture journalist, the Christian-
    rock journalist, nor the classic car salesman of that name, nor the Scottish
    actor John Hannah - just pointing this out should any of those people become
    involved in terrorism).

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