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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Jan 05 2004 - 08:04:09 EST

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    > Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > > I maintain that if you remove the glyph shown for latin letter oi
    > > (considered only as informative and not mandatory in any of its
    > > and just keep its normative name, then many people will think that the
    > > encoded character really represents a letter named or pronounced "oi".
    > Which
    > > is completely wrong in our case. But would allow people to use the
    > assigned
    > > code point to represent the L-shaped character "i with lower-right
    > hook"...
    > Not a good idea: the Nogai and Khakass languages appear to have used both
    > gha/oi and "i with lower right hook" according to
    > and
    > .

    That's a rewording of what I meant, if my sentence was not clear and
    was not already demonstrating that "i with lower retroflex hook" is
    distinct from "oi/gha".

    Now with the new Peter's remark, this "i with lower retroflex hook" has
    to be distinct from the small b/soft sign (inherited from cyrillic), even if
    both could be considered in Azeri as being mostly glyph variants of the
    same Azeri character.

    But do we need a separate encoding for this "i with retroflex hook below" ?

    Couldn't it be encoded safely with <dotless-i><combining retroflex hook
    below> ?

    If the problem is that dotless-i as a default case mapping to standard
    I whose default lower case mapping would add an unexpected dot above, then
    it is worth the effort to add it as a precombined character:

    * <small letter dotless i with retroflex hook> with a compatibility
    as <small letter dotless i><combining retroflex hook below>.

    * <capital dotless-i with retroflex hook> with a compatibility decomposition
    as <capital ASCII letter I><combining retroflex hook below>

    and case mappings with each other. Both solutions maintains the distinction
    with Latin oi (gha) and with the latin soft sign (small b).

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