Re: Bhutanese marks

From: C J Fynn (
Date: Tue Jan 06 2004 - 00:29:51 EST

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     John Cowan" <>

    > It would be useful to explain what the two marks already encoded are
    > used for in Dzongka, to show the contrast.

    U+0F09 BSKUR YIG MGO is used on ordinary or casual correspondence and at the
    start of lists.

    U+0F09 which was erroneously named BKA-SHOG YIG MGO (should have been ZHU-YIG
    GO RGYAN), is used for writing respectfully to a senior particularly when
    requesting something. e.g when writing to a government officer or minister
    requesting a licence or permit, when petitioning the court and so on.

    - Chris

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