Re: U+0185 in Zhuang and Azeri (was Re: unicode Digest V4 #3)

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Date: Tue Jan 06 2004 - 06:06:48 EST

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    On 05/01/2004 17:37, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

    > ...
    >So in any case we may be talking about the encoding of the
    >tone letters for a failed attempt at establishing a
    >Latin/Cyrillic hybrid orthography that failed in the late 1950's
    >and early 1960's in China. It is unclear to me whether the
    >revival of the use of written Zhuang in the 1980's is based
    >on the original Zhuang forms or a revision of them without
    >the Cyrillic-based additions and tone letters.
    A lot of the information about alphabets on the Internet which is
    presented as current is in fact obsolete by many decades. Sites copy old
    alphabets from one another or from older books even in cases like Azeri
    where it is well known that a new Latin orthography is in use.

    >Perhaps someone on the list who knows more about the actual
    >history of orthographic reform in the Zhuang Autonomous Region
    >of Guangxi could chime in with more details.
    I have forwarded this posting to a contact who used to work in this
    area, both geographically and technically (i.e. he was doing literacy
    work), and I hope he might be able to clarify things.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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