Re: Cuneiform - Dynamic vs. Static

From: Patrick Durusau (
Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 13:41:45 EST

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    Dean Snyder wrote:
    > Two basic models for encoding cuneiform have been discussed - dynamic and
    > static.

    > Recently I proposed we re-think the decision made at the Initiative for
    > Cuneiform Encoding conferences to statically encode cuneiform. The
    > reaction has been mixed, but I consider only 2 of the objections as
    > material. (I have appended to this email excerpts from the various
    > reactions along with some of my responses.):

    Actually you omitted from the principal part of your post the one that
    actually matters the most, that the issue of what model to follow has
    been discussed, including your model, and more importantly, the model to
    follow has been chosen. The decision was to follow the static model and
    not your proposed dynamic model. As a consequence, the recent submission
    made to the UTC follows the static model.

    It is not a technical issue but one of process. Standards are developed
    based on decisions following discussion and debate. Your model has been
    discussed and was not chosen. As one of the organizers of the two ICE
    conferences and an active participant in all of those discussions, you
    are aware of the discussions and the decision to not follow your
    proposal. To reiterate a proposal in the standards process that was not
    chosen simply disrupts the standards process.

    People have invested a lot of time and effort getting the proposal to
    this point and to abandon it now, is ill-advised and wasteful. Not to
    mention inconsistent with any orderly notion of standards development.
    At some point decisions have to be made and in this case have been made,
    on how to proceed. The time has come to proceed.


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