Re: Re: New MS Mac Office and Unicode?

From: David Perry (
Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 14:51:26 EST

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    Peter wrote:

    > [Han-yi Shaw] has not even said that the new version of Word is
    > "Unicode-based".

    True, strictly speaking. But he did say:

    >>Input of the above languages will also be supported through the following system-level Unicode input methods: Unicode Hex Input, US Extended, and the Character Palette.<<

    Note the key words: "system-level" and "Unicode Hex Input." AFAIK, Mac software that is not Unicode-based cannot make use of things like the Unicode hex input method. It seems highly unlikely to me that any non-Unicode software would be described in these terms. But we'll have to wait for official confirmation, I suppose. I do remember that when I installed the hex input method, it was available for Unicode-savvy programs like TextEdit and not available when older software was running.


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