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From: Han-Yi Shaw (
Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 16:01:54 EST

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    I'm glad some folks are reading me correctly. :-) After all, without
    being Unicode-throughout, I don't see how it'd be possible to support
    the 303 surrogates in the JIS X0213 standard like we do in Office 2004.

    By "Unicode-throughout", we mean that MacOffice 2004 supports Unicode-
    input, storage, and rendering. In the past (e.g., MacOffice X), our
    apps only accepted characters in older encoding schemes, which then get
    converted to their equivalent 16-bit form (in Unicode encoding) for
    storage, after which are once again "downgraded" to MacRoman or
    MacJapanese before sending them to QuickDraw routines for rendering.

    In MacOffice 2004, this convoluted conversion process has been
    completely eliminated.


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    Peter wrote:

    > [Han-yi Shaw] has not even said that the new version of Word is
    > "Unicode-based".

    True, strictly speaking. But he did say:

    >>Input of the above languages will also be supported through the
    following system-level Unicode input methods: Unicode Hex Input, US
    Extended, and the Character Palette.<<

    Note the key words: "system-level" and "Unicode Hex Input." AFAIK, Mac
    software that is not Unicode-based cannot make use of things like the
    Unicode hex input method. It seems highly unlikely to me that any
    non-Unicode software would be described in these terms. But we'll have
    to wait for official confirmation, I suppose. I do remember that when I
    installed the hex input method, it was available for Unicode-savvy
    programs like TextEdit and not available when older software was


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